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I enjoyed playing BBS door games as a young teen from around 1992 until 1998.

Years later, I helped create some Wikipedia articles about several games I loved and remembered. Unfortunately, today these articles are being deleted; the articles' subjects have been deemed non-notable.

Creating Break Into Chat was my response to these deletions.

Break Into Chat consists of:

  • A wiki, created by forking all of Wikipedia's BBS door game-related articles
  • A blog, where I write about computer history, with an emphasis on BBSing and Atari, since those were my two loves.

My goals for the wiki are to:

  • preserve the BBS door game articles
  • expand the articles, using high-quality sources
  • in future, expand the wiki to cover all aspects of BBS history

Apart from Break Into Chat, I have several other little mini-pages about aspects of my own personal BBSing history. These can be found here:

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